Bassetlaw&Bawtry – Synod

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Minutes and attachments:

B&B 17.4 DeanerySynodMinutes.Oct18

B&B17 Deanery SynodMinutes3.2017.July11

B&B17 Deanery SynodMinutes2.2017.April26

B&B17 Deanery SynodMinutes1.2017.January23

B&B15-deanery-synodminutes4-2016-October18        Fairtrade-oct2016

B&B15 Deanery SynodMinutes3.2016.July14

B&B15 Deanery SynodMinutes2.2016.SApr27

B&B15 Deanery SynodMinutes1.2016.Jan27


     B&B15 Deanery SynodMinutes1.2015July8





 Annual Parochial Church Meetings (APCMs)

The national Church has produced a flyer that may be useful in attracting people to serve on Deanery Synod. It can be accessed by clicking here. There is also useful information on the Parish and People website, see below:


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