Department for Development

The Department for Development Team exists for the development of individuals, churches and deaneries in mission in the broadest sense of that word, encompassing as it does proclamation, discipleship and ministry, service, justice and creation care.

We are therefore concerned for:

• Individuals (clergy and laity) in their discipleship, mission and ministry.

• Parishes and deaneries in serving their communities and discerning God in their context.

• Engagement with global and local issues of public concern where appropriate in partnership with other churches and secular agencies.

The Department is run by two joint directors – The Director of Ministry and Mission and the Director of Partnerships and Mission. We hold the overall vision together for the Department which is offered below. We have one administrative function run by an Office Manager and Training Coordinator and an Administrative Assistant.

Elements of Vision
We seek to express the life of the Trinity through working together in partnership with each other, individuals, groups and institutions outside the church, to promote the love of God, justice, peace and the integrity of creation and the health of the church.

• We seek to be incarnational, embedding the values of the diocese, discovering God, enabling change, serving communities, and valuing people in the life and work of the team of the diocese.

• We seek to be collaborative and to promote collaboration by

Modelling good practice in collaborative ministry

Sharing and connecting stories

Enabling each other to see the whole

Combining in different ways to draw on the strengths and gifts of the whole team

Sharing decision making at appropriate levels

• We seek to be faithful in

Interpreting theologically both our context and actions in the light of our tradition

Responding flexibly to the tasks and the needs of those we are here to serve

Engaging appropriately with Nottinghamshire and its differeing cultural contexts