Bishops sign statement renewing partnership

_MG_3021The Bishop of Natal, the Rt Revd Dino Gabriel, arrived in the diocese last week for a 10-day visit with his wife Elizabeth and the Link Officer in Natal, the Revd Dane Elsworth.

They have travelled extensively around the diocese, attending the Transform Weekend, meeting chaplains, visiting a school and experiencing the breadth of ministry in the diocese, from outer estates to city centre to rural contexts.

One of the highlights of the visit came on Sunday when Bishop Dino preached at Southwell Minster and then joined Bishop Paul to sign a statement renewing the gospel partnership between the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham and the Diocese of Natal.

Bishop Dino also went to the Test match at Trent Bridge, where he saw South Africa triumph over England. Accompanied by Bishop Paul and Bishop Tony, he also met umpiring legend Dickie Bird (see photograph below).

The visitors have also met staff at Jubilee House and, accompanied by Bishop Paul, visited churches in Nottingham – Trinity Church, in Mansfield Road; St Stephen’s in Hyson Green, and St Nic’s in the city centre.

Bishop Dino said: “These nine days spent in the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham have been truly amazing. It has been a wonderful privilege for us to be exposed to the life and ministry taking place in the diocese.

“Sunday evensong at the Minster was the culmination of our visit when Bishop Paul and I signed our renewed Partnership in Mission statement, committing ourselves to foster our co-operation in ministry.

“We have walked together for 15 years and are eager for our friendship to grow from strength to strength.

“From the bottom of our hearts we say a big thank you to Bishop Paul and Sarah, Bishop Tony and Lucille, Canon Barbara, our Link Officer, and all the friends we have met during our stay. God bless you all.”

Bishop Dino has been Bishop of Natal for about 18 months. Bishop Paul visited Natal last year, and this is a return visit. The dioceses are exploring ways to build on the friendship and to broaden and enrich our shared journey of faith.


Dino at Hyson


Dino at Trinity

Dino at St Nic's