Parish Finance

This page is set up to share documents and forms that relate to your Church or Parish Finances

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General downloads

Summary accounts 2016

Summary Account Information 2015

Finance Best Practice Guide

2016 Highlighted Substitute Minister Fees Table

Summary Accounts 2014

Worshipping Community Information

Funeral Guide 2013

Diocesan Budget 2014

Diocesan Budget 2015

Diocesan Budget 2016

Funeral return form 2016

For notes on the three presentations given at the Training Days for Parishes about Fees, Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme, and Employment issues, click here

Parochial Fees


Fees calculator 2017

Fees Table 2017 short summary

Fees guidance 2017

2017 Highlighted substitute Minister fees table

2017 Highlighted fees return

2017 Highlighted Fees Table

2017 Parochial Fees Return (pdf)

2017 Parochial Fees Return(excel)


2016 Parochial Fees Return

2016 Highlighted Fees Return

2016 Highlighted Substitute Minister Fees Table

2016 Hightlighted Fees Table A3

2016 Hightlighted Fees Table A4

Fees calculator 2016


Superceded Parochial Fee Froms

Parochial fees notice

Accounting for parochial fees

Fees Regulations & Guidelines 2014

Table of Parochial Fees 2014

Diocesan Table of Apportionment of Fees APRIL 2014

Record of Parochial Fees Return

Record of Parochial Fees Return (Editable Excel version)

Diocesan Table of Apportionment of Fees 2014



Sequestration-expenses claim form PDF

Sequestration expenses claim form Excel

Other Finance Downloads

2013 Annual Review & Summary Financial Statements

2013 Annual Report & Financial Statements