Schools & Academies

In Nottinghamshire we have some 73 Church schools and academies; 65 in the primary phase and 8 in the secondary phase.

List of our Schools and Academies

For a list of our schools and academies please click here.  To view a map showing the spread and location of schools in the diocese please Click here

The Board of Education oversees these schools on behalf of the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham.

 Guided by the Diocesan Vision of Growing Disciples Wider Younger Deeper, and we aim to provide to schools which are;

  • Distinctive:  having a Christian ethos based on living worship and creating a sense of belonging with a curriculum framework offering opportunities for God and faith to be discussed openly.
  • Inclusive: serving local communities by being open to children of all backgrounds, irrespective ethnicity, faith or family situation; nurturing those of the Christian faith and welcoming those of other faiths and none.
  • Effective: seeking justice by working to ensure  an excellent education for all pupils
  • Rooted:  in Christian values and the rich faith background of the Church of England, enabling pupils to flourish as human beings and grow as disciples

To access the Diocesan Board of Education Vision Leaflet please click here.

To access the leaflet “Building an effective relationship between a clergy person and a head teacher of a church school” please click here.

Church School Leaders Conference 2017

Wednesday 22 November 2017

Click here  to see the presentation and resources information from Mary Myatt our keynote speaker for Hopeful Church Schools:Aspiring to Nurture Life in its Fullness

Small schools – Planning for the Future

Recognising the particular challenges facing small schools at this time in terms of viability and sustainability, the National Church of England Education Office has produced a new planning resource for small governing bodies and headteachers.

For the toolkit please click here.

For the supporting document please click here.





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