Ethnic minority selfies

CMEAC, the Committee for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns, are currently working on a project aimed at increasing minority ethnic (ME) representation and inclusion in the Church of England.

As part of the project they are asking people to take and upload photos of CofE ME Anglicans holding up a sign with the words #itooamCofE.

The images – taken on mobiles, I pads, digital cameras, etc – up until 16 June 2015 are then to be tweeted as much as possible. If more than one photo is tweeted the image is not to be of the same person.  CMEAC’s suggestions for locations/backgrounds are:   In front of a church building; Out and about at work, school/college, shopping; Community location, park, leisure centre.

Equality & Diversity Co-ordinator for the diocese, Dianne Skerrit says:

“The photographs will be used to make a DVD to be shown at Synod 2015. The idea is to highlight the diversity within the Church of England including the more recent members.

“We are hoping that each photo shown will make a difference by drawing attention with regard to the future planning on cultural needs and positions within the structure of the Church of England.”

Please avoid including recognisable shop or business names or logos. The only criterion is that the hash tag #itooamCofE should be prominent and easily readable in the photo, and the sign be written on an A4 sized white board or card in large, black, clear writing.  There should be no other word or message with the image….and  please inform people being photographed that their photo may be seen online.