Former Northern Ireland police chief is guest speaker

Sir Matt Baggott, the former Chief Constable of Northern Ireland, was the guest speaker at the latest men’s breakfast event organised by Bishop Tony Porter.

An enthusiastic crowd of 80 plus men gathered at Betel Community Church, Basford, to enjoy a cooked breakfast before listening to Sir Matt, who was the Chief Constable of Leicestershire before moving to Northern Ireland.

He spoke about the challenges and demands of working in Northern Ireland and about the strength he drew from his Christian faith.

The gathering also included a time of praise and worship.

Bishop Tony said: “It’s tough to be a man or woman of God but there are not many places much tougher than being a Chief Constable in Northern Ireland. It was such a privilege for us to listen to his story, and in the midst of such a responsible job, that his calling in life is to serve Jesus Christ as Lord.”