Grant bids still invited for Bishop’s Funds

Grants are still available from last year’s Lent and Confirmation Appeal, which supported social eating projects in the diocese.

Money from the appeal was used to set up the Bishop’s Community Hospitality Projects Fund, which provides small grants to churches to develop mission opportunities based on hospitality and social eating.

At a time of increasing pressure on local services due to cutbacks, community hospitality projects are an opportunity for churches to build community, be generous, to offer food to those who might be struggling to make ends meet,  while expressing faith in practical care and neighbourliness.

There are many ways in which churches around the diocese are already engaging in social eating initiatives, such as community cafes, Super Kitchens and school holiday clubs, which provide children with a healthy lunch in place of their school dinner.

Grants from the fund can be used to support and expand existing projects, or help to start new ones.

For more information and a grant application form contact

There is also still money available in the Bishop’s Welcome Fund to support projects that are working with refugees and asylum seekers.

The Fund was set up with the proceeds of the 2016 Lent and Confirmation Appeal. Churches, charities and projects in the diocese have been offering hospitality and support for many years, providing legal help, safe housing, signposting, language skills, and food parcels. The fund is there to support this existing work and to help churches looking to start new projects.

For more information and a grant application form contact