‘Hands on’ learning experience for pupils in the Minster

1,750 Key Stage 1 pupils from schools around the county enjoyed learning about the history, architecture, and faith traditions of the Minster during a week of ‘Time Travelling.’

The event is held twice a year and run by the Minster Education Department to help young people understand more about the cathedral and Christianity. Education Officer, Diana Ives says: “Time Travelling is a wonderful opportunity for children to engage with one of Nottinghamshire’s most stunning Medieval buildings, and to meet people of faith from across the Diocese.  Workshops are interactive, so children have a real ‘hands on’ experience as they find out about our faith practices, and what’s important to us.  Of course, our incredibly dedicated team of 200 volunteers make the whole thing possible.’

Pictured are pupils from St John’s Church of England Primary School, Worksop finding out about the Minster organ with volunteer Peter Price, and children from Cotgrave Church of England Primary School dressed to reflect the ‘Green Men’ of Southwell Minster, wearing masks they made as one of the activities of the day. Photos by Richard Jarvis.

Cotgrave pupils in 'Green Men' masks [Desktop Resolution]'Green Man' boy [Desktop Resolution]St John's pupils with organ master 1 [Desktop Resolution]St John's pupils with organ master 2 [Desktop Resolution]



Find out more, and download booking forms for next year’s events from www.timetravelling.co.uk