Leadership in Lent

The Younger Leadership College’s ‘Leadership in Lent’ programme came to its climax at our Commissioning Event held at the Archsbishop’s Palace in Southwell on 28 March, drawing together 90 Sixth Form leaders from three of our Diocesan secondary schools. The programme has run weekly throughout Lent, involving teaching sessions from Bishop Paul and the YLC Team, focusing on key areas of leadership development – Defining Reality, Creating Vision, Building Teams and Sustaining Momentum. The students from Magnus Academy in Newark, National Academy in Hucknall and Samworth Church Academy in Mansfield have undertaken a range of leadership tasks leading to the award of the Bishop’s Leadership Certificate.

During the Commissioning Event, we heard from Bishop Paul, Alex Peace-Gadsby and also a range of sixth form students who shared their ‘picture of the future that produces passion’, drawing on Bill Hybels’ helpful definition of Vision. YLC was also delighted to welcome all the Principals from the academies who shared their perspectives on leadership and encouraged their students in their development.

Andy Wolfe, Dean of Younger Leadership College said, “We’ve been thrilled with the way that schools have responded to this exciting and pioneering programme and have been so impressed with the students we’ve worked with – to hear their visions and passion for leadership was so inspiring, and we look forward to working with many other schools on this programme in the future.”



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