Daily Prayers


Sat 01 Jul – Aspley, St Margaret (Jon Hutchinson, Wendy Bradley)
Ogoni – (Niger Delta, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Solomon Gberegbara

Sun 02 Jul – We pray for all those to be ordained Priest and Deacon this weekend
Ogori-Magongo – (Lokoja, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Festus DaviesOhaji /  Egbema – (Owerri, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Chidi Oparaojiaku
Church of Sweden: Diocese of Härnösand, Bishop Eva Byström
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland: Diocese of Lappo, Bishop Simo  Peura

Mon 03 Jul –  Basford St Leodegarius with St Aidan (Vacant: Area Dean: Peter Huxtable; Lay Chairs: Anne Walters & Sue Dunster; Churchwardens: Lesley Cameron, John Porter, Karen Porter)
Ohio – (V, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Mark Hollingsworth

Tue 04 Jul –  Bestwood Emmanuel with St Mark (Chrissie Little)
Oji River – (Enugu, Nigeria) The Most Revd Amos Amankechinelo Madu
Okene – (Lokoja, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Emmanuel Bayo Ajulo

Wed 05 Jul –  Bestwood Park/Rise Park Ang/Meth LEP (Chris Easton, Pioneer Missioner)
Oke-Ogun – (Ibadan, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Solomon Amusan

Thu 06 Jul –  SECTOR MINISTRIES: Nottingham Prison (Samuel Ntoyimondo, Martin Tyack)
Oke-Osun – (Ibadan, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Abraham Akinlalu

Fri 07 Jul –  Bestwood St Matthew with St Philip, St Matthew-on-the-Hill; St Philip (Andy Morris)
Okigwe – (Owerri, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Edward Osuegbu

Sat 08 Jul –  Bilborough, St John the Baptist; Bilborough, St Martin of Tours with Strelley, All Saints (Vacant: Area Dean: Peter Huxtable; Lay Chairs: Anne Walters & Sue Dunster; Clergy: Gillian Hall; Churchwardens: Terry Johnston, Glenys Johnston, Susan Vickers)
Okigwe North – (Owerri, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Godson Udochukwu Ukanwa
Okigwe South – (Owerri, Nigeria) The Rt Revd David Onuoha

Sun 09 Jul –  SEA SUNDAY – we pray for all seafarers and their families
Okinawa – (Japan) The Rt Revd David Eisho Uehara
Church of Sweden: Diocese of Linköping, Bishop Martin Modéus

Mon 10 Jul –  Broxtowe, St Martha (June Kirkham)
Oklahoma – (VII, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Edward Konieczny
Olympia – (VIII, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Gregory Rickel

Tue 11 Jul –  Bulwell St John, St John the Divine (David Gray & Bob Stephens)
Okrika – (Niger Delta, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Tubokosemie Atere
Oleh – (Bendel, Nigeria) The Rt Revd John Usiwoma Aruakpor

Wed 12 Jul –  Bulwell St Mary, St Mary the Virgin All Souls, (Vacant: Area Dean: Peter Huxtable; Vacant; Lay Chairs: Anne Walters & Sue Dunster; Churchwardens:  Elizabeth Dyer, Martin Walton) 
Olo – (Minye, Sudan) The Rt Revd Tandema Andrew

Thu 13 Jul –  DIOCESAN STAFF: Director of Finance for the Diocese, Rebecca Bowes and her colleagues
Omu-Aran – (Kwara, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Philip Adeyemo

Fri 14 Jul –  Cinderhill, Christ Church (Phil Thomas) 
On the Lake – (Owerri, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Chijioke Oti
On the Niger – (Niger, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Owen Chidozie Nwokolo

Sat 15 Jul –  Kimberley, Holy Trinity (Barbara Holbrook)
Ondo – (Ondo, Nigeria) The Rt Revd George Lasebikan
Suffragan Bishop of Ondo – (Ondo, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Christopher Tayo Omotunde

Sun 16 Jul  – Give thanks for all who’ve gathered for the Transform Weekend at Walesby, around the theme of Living the Life: pray they may go back to their parishes encouraged to transform their lives, churches, schools, workplaces and whole communities   
Ontario – (Ontario, Canada) The Rt Revd George Lindsey Russell Bruce
Coadjutor Bishop – (Ontario, Canada) The Rt Revd Michael Oulton
Church of Norway: Diocese of Moere (Molde), Bishop Ingeborg Midttoemme

Mon 17 Jul –  Nuthall, St Patrick (Barbara Holbrook)
Ottawa – (Ontario, Canada) The Rt Revd John Holland Chapman
Bishop Ordinary to the Canadian Armed Forces – (Ontario, Canada) The Rt  Revd Peter Robert Coffin

Tue 18 Jul –  Sherwood, St Martin (Vacant: Area Dean: Peter Huxtable;  Vacant; Lay Chairs: Anne Walters & Sue Dunster; Clergy: Jane Walker; Churchwardens: John Day, Paul Murden)
Oregon – (VIII, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Michael Hanley

Wed 19 Jul –  Stapleford St Helen, Stapleford, St Luke (Peter Huxtable)
Orlu – (Owerri, Nigeria) The Most Revd Bennett Okoro

Thu 20 Jul –  SECTOR MINISTRIES: Ranby Prison (David Beedon)
Oru – (Owerri, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Geoffrey Chukwunenye

Fri 21 Jul –  Trowell, St Helen; Awsworth, St Peter; Cossall, St Catherine; (Andrew Lord, Paul Whitehead, Brenda Brown)
Osaka – (Japan) The Rt Revd Andrew Haruhisa Iso

Sat 22 Jul –  Wollaton, St Leonard (Tim Pullen)
Osun – (Ibadan, Nigeria) The Rt Revd James Afolabi Popoola

Sun 23 Jul –   This weekend we pray for all who work and learn in our schools as they prepare for their summer holidays
Osun North East – (Ibadan, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Humphery Olumakaiye    Church of Sweden: Diocese of Skara, Bishop Åke Bonnier

Mon 24 Jul –  NOTTINGHAM SOUTH DEANERY (Area Dean: Steve Silvester; Lay Chair: Sarah Holt)
Otukpo – ( Abuja, Nigeria) The Rt Revd David Bello
Owerri – (Owerri, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Cyril Chukwunonyerem Okorocha
Owo – (Ondo, Nigeria) The Rt Revd James Adedayo Oladunjoye

Tue 25 Jul –  Attenborough, St Mary the Virgin (Jonathan Smithurst)
Oxford – (Canterbury, England) The Rt Revd Steven Croft
Oxford – Buckingham – (Canterbury, England) The Rt Revd Alan Wilson
Oxford – Dorchester – (Canterbury, England) The Rt Revd Colin Fletcher
Oxford – Reading – (Canterbury, England) The Rt Revd Andrew Proud

Wed 26 Jul –  Beeston, St John the Baptist (Wayne Plimmer, Rob Wiggins, Kirstine Buchan)
Oyo – (Ibadan, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Williams Oluwarotimi Aladekugbe
Pankshin – (Jos, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Olumuyiwa Ajayi

Thu 27 Jul –  Bramcote, St Michael and All Angels (Paul Reynolds)
Pacong – (Bahr El Ghazal, Sudan) The Rt Revd Joseph Maker Atot

Fri 28 Jul –  Carrington, St John the Evangelist (Vacant: Area Dean: Steve Silvester;  Lay Chair: Sarah Holt; Churchwardens: Philip Glanfield, Susi Artis)
Peru – (South America) The Rt Revd Jorge Luis Aguilar
Suffragan Bishop of Peru – (South America) The Rt Revd Juan Revilla
Suffragan Bishop of Peru – (South America) The Rt Revd Eulogio Mesco

Sat 29 Jul –  Chilwell, Christ Church; Inham Nook, St Barnabas (Vacant: Area Dean: Steve Silvester; Lay Chair: Sarah Holt; Clergy: Liam O’Boyle; Nick Ladd, Anne Ladd;  Churchwardens: Lesley Bath, June MacDougall, Clint Redwood, Penelope Wallace)
Phulbani – (North India) The Rt Revd Bijay Nayak
Patna – (North India) The Rt Revd Philip Marandih

Sun 30 Jul –  We give thanks for all those in various forms of lay ministry both within  and without formal church structures. Praying this weekend as the church discerns how best to Set God’s People Free
Pennsylvania – (III, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Daniel Gutierre
Pittsburgh – (III, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Dorsey W M McConnell
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Lithuania: Bishop Mindaugas Sabutis

Mon 31 Jul –  Hyson Green & Forest Fields, St Stephen with St Paul (Clive Burrows, Denise Watkinson)
The Most Revd Dr Winston Halapua Bishop of Polynesia and Primate and Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia
Polynesia – Vanua Levu and Taveuni – (Aotearoa NZ & Polynesia) The Rt Revd Apimeleki Nadoki Qiliho
Polynesia – Viti Levu West – (Aotearoa NZ & Polynesia) The Rt Revd Apimeleki Qiliho


In August 2017 we pray for

Tue 01 Aug – Revd Michael Allen (East Leake, West Leake, Stanford-on-Soar, Rempstone & Costock Benefice)
Port Elizabeth – (Southern Africa)The Rt Revd Nceba Nopece

Wed 02 Aug – Revd Naeem Bahadur (Hyson Green with Forest Fields Benefice), Revd Denise Watkinson (Hyson Green with Forest Fields Benefice)
Popondota – (Papua New Guinea)The Rt Revd Lindsley Ihove
Port Moresby – (Papua New Guinea)The Rt Revd Denny Guka

Thu 03 Aug – SECTOR MINISTRIES: Lowdham Grange Prison (Mark Savage)
Port Sudan – (Northern, Sudan)The Rt Revd Abdu Kodi

Fri 04 Aug     Revd Anthony Dixon (Mid County Resource Church)
Portsmouth – (Canterbury, England)The Rt Revd Christopher Foster

Sat 05 Aug – Revd Simon Fellows (Stapleford Benefice), Revd Lydia Cartwright (Stapleford Benefice)
Pretoria – (Southern Africa)The Rt Revd Johannes Seoka

Sun 06 Aug – Revd Garreth Frank (Nottingham St Nicholas Benefice)
Puerto Rico – (XI, The Episcopal Church)The Rt Revd Wilfrido Orench
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland: Diocese of Helsinki, Bishop Irja Askola

Mon 07 Aug – Revd Becky Hancock (Bawtry with Austerfield, Misson, Everton and Mattersey Benefice)
Pune – (North India)The Rt Revd Andrew Rathod

Tue 08 Aug – Revd Michele Hampson (Lenton Benefice)
Qu’Appelle – (Rupert’s Land, Canada)The Rt Revd Robert Hardwick
Quebec – (Canada, Canada)The Rt Revd Bruce Myers

Wed 09 Aug – Revd Karen Hanford (Wollaton Benefice), Revd Christopher Pearse (Wollaton Benefice), Revd Peter Shaw (Wollaton Benefice and Pioneer Curate for Nottingham North Deanery)
Rajasthan – (North India)The Rt Revd Darbara Singh

Thu 10 Aug – DIOCESAN STAFF: Director of Parish Support for the Diocese, Fraser McNish and his colleagues
Rayalaseema – (South India)The Rt Revd B D Rao

Fri 11 Aug – Revd Christopher Lee (Newark upon Trent with Coddington Team Ministry Benefice)
Recife Р(Brazil)The Rt Revd Jọo Cancio Peixoto

Sat 12 Aug – Revd Rachel Mitchell (Radcliffe on Trent and Shelford Benefice)
Rejaf – (Loryko, Sudan)The Rt Revd Enock Tombe

Sun 13 Aug – Revd Andrew Stewart (Wilford Hill Benefice)
Remo – (Lagos, Nigeria)The Rt Revd Michael Fape
Church of Sweden:
Diocese of Stockholm, Bishop Eva Brunne

Mon 14 Aug – Revd Tim Chambers (West Bridgford Benefice)
Renk – (Upper Nile, Sudan)The Rt Revd Joseph Atem

Tue 15 Aug – Revd Steve Cotterill (Annesley with Newstead and Kirkby Woodhouse Benefice)
Rhode Island – (I, The Episcopal Church)The Rt Revd Nicholas Knisely

Wed 16 Aug – Revd Jonny Hughes (Trinity Church Nottingham), Revd Will Foulger (Trinity Church Nottingham)
Rift Valley – (Tanzania)The Rt Revd John Lupaa

Thu 17 Aug – SECTOR MINISTRIES: Whatton Prison (Vacant)
Rio de Janeiro – (Brazil)The Rt Revd Filadelfo Neto

Fri 18 Aug – Revd Philip Howson (Ollerton with Boughton Benefice)
Rio Grande – (VII, The Episcopal Church)The Rt Revd Michael Vono

Sat 19 Aug – Revd Amanda Lees (Blidworth & Rainworth Benefice)
Perth – (Western Australia, Australia)The Most Revd Roger Herft
Assistant Bishop of Perth – (Australia)The Rt Revd Kate Wilmot
Perth – Eastern and Rural Region – (Western Australia, Australia)The Rt Revd Wilmot
Perth – Goldfields-Country Region – (Western Australia, Australia)The Rt Revd Jeremy James
Riverina – (New South Wales, Australia)The Rt Revd Rob Gillion

Sun 20 Aug   Revd Wendy Bradley (Aspley Benefice)
Rochester (USA) – (II, The Episcopal Church)The Rt Revd Prince Singh
Rochester – (Canterbury, England)The Rt Revd James Langstaff Rochester – (Canterbury, England) Vacant
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark: Diocese of Aarhus, Bishop Henrik Wigh-Poulsen

Mon 21 Aug – Revd Kirstine Buchan (Beeston Benefice), Revd Rob Wiggins (Beeston Benefice)
Rockhampton – (Queensland, Australia)The Rt Revd David Robinson

Tue 22 Aug – Revd Ben Clayton (Nottingham St Jude Benefice)
Rokon – (Loryko, Sudan)The Rt Revd Francis Mori

Wed 23 Aug – Revd Tom Devas (Wollaton Park Benefice)
Rorya – (Tanzania)The Rt Revd John Adiema
Ruaha – (Tanzania)The Rt Revd Joseph Mgomi

Thu 24 Aug – Revd Mina Munns (Selston with Westwood Benefice)
Rumbek – (Bahr El Ghazal, Sudan)The Rt Revd Alapayo Kuctiel

Fri 25 Aug – Revd James Pacey (Hucknall Team Ministry)
Rumonge – (Burundi)The Rt Revd Pedaculi Birakengana

Sat 26 Aug – Revd Jenny Sharpe (Warsop St Peter & St Paul with Sookholme St Augustine Benefice)
Rupert’s Land – (Rupert’s Land, Canada)The Rt Revd Donald Phillips

Sun 27 Aug – Revd Andy Tufnell (Gamston & Bridgford Benefice), Revd Maureen Collins (Wilford Benefice)
Ruvuma – (Tanzania)The Rt Revd Maternus Kapinga
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland: Diocese of Espoo, Bishop Tapio Luoma

Mon 28 Aug – BANK HOLIDAY- we pray for all members of the Church in their vocation and  ministry, that they may serve the Lord in truth and love
Ruwenzori – (Uganda)The Rt Revd Reuben Kisembo
South Rwenzori – (Uganda)The Rt Revd Jackson Nzerebende

Tue 29 Aug – Revd Cora Yarrien (Daybrook Benefice), Revd Jane Walker (Sherwood Benefice)
Sabah – (South East Asia)The Rt Revd Melter Tais
Assistant Bishop of Sabah – (South East Asia)The Rt Revd John Yeo

Wed 30 Aug – ORDINANDS IN TRAINING: Toby Artis, David Bean, Jack Bull, Ben Evans, Richard Hanford, Debs Hudghton, Simon Jones, Ben Marston, Francis Moloney
Sabongidda-Ora – (Bendel, Nigeria)The Rt Revd John Akao

Thu 31 Aug – ORDINANDS DUE TO COMMENCE TRAINING SEPT 2017: Esther Allin, John Blakeley, Claire Ellwood, Claire Melless, Jonathan Mole, Susan Pendenque, Pippa Scott, Alex Shiells, Tom Tuck
Saldanha Bay – (Southern Africa)The Rt Revd Raphael Hess

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