Lent 2014

thCAW29Z7GThis year’s Lent Appeal focuses on hunger and the hundreds of thousands of families in our country who are going hungry, or are having to make choices between eating and paying their bills.

The appeal is supporting two local charities that help to put healthy food on people’s plates – Edible Churchyards and Ecoworks.

Nationally, the End Hunger Fast campaign, which has its roots in Southwell and Nottingham, is calling for fasting and fundraising to help those who go hungry across the UK.

There is plenty that you can do to help – click below to find out more – and please don’t forget to let us know what your church is doing.

Lent appeal 2014

End Hunger Fast

Heed the call of Jesus: Bishop’s letter on hunger

Become a Pilgrim for Lent

Fasting and praying: Churches taking action

What are you doing?

Click here to download Lent Appeal flyer

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