Lent Appeal 2016

Bishop appealBishop’s Welcome Fund for Refugees

 The Bishop’s Lent and Confirmation Appeal for 2016 will see a fund established to support the work of churches and projects welcoming and supporting refugees and asylum seekers in the city and county.

The need is great and likely to become greater as people continue to flee violence and persecution.

Mary, Joseph and Jesus had to flee Herod’s murderous death squads. They fled into Egypt with no notice and no support.   They were refugees and were dependent on the welcome and generosity of the people of another nation.   How did they manage with a different language and culture, no home and certainly initially no means of income?

People of all ages and nations are similarly fleeing to our country to avoid war, conflict and oppression.   For a number of years, churches, charities and projects in our diocese have been offering hospitality and supporting such people.

Breaking through the barriers

Resources for the journey

The complex legal processes can leave many asylum-seekers destitute in our neighbourhoods.  Offering legal support, safe housing, signposting, language skills, and food parcels are just a sample of the ways we can respond.

“Compassionate action should be our natural response of joyful obedience as disciples of Christ,” said Bishop Paul Williams.  “The Bishop’s Welcome Fund is a timely opportunity to respond positively to the plight of refugees in our midst.”

In the coming years there will be more people and greater needs.  Churches and projects will be able to apply to the Bishop’s Welcome Fund for grants to support and extend their ministry of hospitality to refugees and asylum seekers.

Welcoming the stranger, offering hospitality and practical acts of generosity and kindness will be neededmigrants pic even more – please support this initiative with your prayers and your giving.

Cheques should be made payable to Southwell & Nottingham DBF and sent to: Jubilee House, Westgate, Southwell, Notts, NG25 0JH (please mark cheques ‘Lent Appeal 2016’).

Download or print out a Lent Appeal flyer

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