Lent: Fasting and praying

During Lent, St Nic’s Church in Maid Marian Way, Nottingham, is joining with other churches across the country in the End Hunger Fast project. It comes after reports of malnutrition in the city have tripled over the past five years.

 During the six weeks of Lent the church will be open from noon until 2pm, Wednesday to Saturday, for anyone who wants to visit to engage in protest and prayer to challenge hunger in the city.

 The chancel will contain different prayer stations to engage the public and inspire them to call and work for change. The stations look at a variety of responses, from anger and shame, to confession, forgiveness and supplication.

 Alongside the prayer journey within the church, members of the congregation will be talking to people on the streets and inviting them to sign a plea for justice. These will be added to the ‘wailing wall’ of prayer and gathered up at the end of Lent and presented to political leaders to highlight the plight of those in poverty.

 St Nic’s hopes that many people in Nottingham will use the church to find a way of expressing themselves in a way that offers justice and hope.

 Find out more at www.endhungerfast.org and www.stnics.org

What is your church doing during Lent? Contact  richard.ellis@southwell.anglican.org to let us know.

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