Mental Health Awareness Sunday to focus on young people

This year Opening Minds has had a particular focus on Children and Young People and churches are encouraged to make this their own focus on Mental Health Awareness Sunday – 15th October 2017.

It is thought that around one in ten children and young people have a mental health difficulty, and the stresses and challenges that young people face are being recognised.

The Revd Clare Tyack, Chair of Opening Minds, the Diocesan Strategy Group for Mental Health, said that being aware of the pressures that young people are under means they can be included in specific prayers for their well-being and churches can seek to have understanding and compassion for them.

During the year there have been several opportunities to learn more about Children and Young People and their well-being: in March, the Revd Michele Hampson and the Revd Liz Murray visited the Younger Leadership College where Michele spoke about well-being and Liz talked on journeying with God in the tough times.

A young woman describes her struggle with mental health

At the Mental Health Awareness Guides’ meeting in May, Beth Mosby, a Children’s and Youth Worker at St Helen’s Church, Stapleford, spoke about leading Children and Young People’s groups and being aware of their different needs. Beth highlighted some of the mental health difficulties children might have, and how providing help in the early stages promotes a better outcome. CHIPPS (Churches in Pastoral Partnership) ran a training day in June entitled ‘Young Minds Matter! Mental Health; Children & Younger people’.

The campaign Heads Together aims to raise awareness of mental health issues and get people talking more openly about this area of health and well-being. Information on their website states that it is a campaign co-ordinated by The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.”

Young Minds is linked with Heads Together and aims to promote “the wellbeing and health of children and young people”.

At the Big E Day on 30th September there will be a workshop on ‘Mental Health First Aid’ for Children and Young People. You can book a place here


Prayers for Children and Young People