Message from Bishop Paul following the Referendum Result

bishop paul 1Prayer, Hope and Unity

The outcome to Thursday’s Referendum will have pleased some and deeply disappointed others. Whatever way people voted it is clear that many now feel anxious and uncertain about the future – no one is sure what comes next. Hope and uncertainty don’t tend to sit comfortably side by side, and yet hope is vital if we are to work together to shape a positive and unifying vision for our national life as well as our continued place in the world.

As Christians we have a source of hope that is not dependent on our circumstances or diminished by the fluctuating levels of uncertainty we are living with. Our hope is sustained by the presence of God in Jesus Christ, who promised, ‘I am with you always’. This enduring hope can enable us to play an essential role in helping communities to unite around common values and aspirations, so that we can confidently embrace our ethnic and cultural diversity while also increasing the opportunities for all people to flourish equally.

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Over the coming days we can be beacons of light and hope in the communities we serve. Now is also the time for simple acts of kindness and hospitality to those who will feel especially alienated or fearful of the outcome of the Referendum.

Let us commit ourselves to pray more fervently and express our hope in Christ more freely. Over this weekend I encourage us to use the prayer published by the Church of England. I also draw your attention to the statement issued by the Archbishops.

May Christ continue to strengthen us to serve his good purposes through the coming days.

With every blessing

Bishop Paul

A prayer for reconciliation

Archbishops’ statement