What is Workplace Chaplaincy?

Most businesses recognise people as their most important asset.  Good businesses invest significantly in the welfare of their employees, ensuring they are trained, resourced, motivated and managed to do their job.  But work is only a part of any individual’s life.  Workplace performance will always be influenced by what else is going on in each person’s life.  Good managers recognise this.

What do chaplains in the workplace do?

Chaplains visit people in their place of work to offer friendship and to listen.   Their support is unconditional, non-judgmental, independent and confidential.  The role of the chaplain is complimentary to that of the manager and the personnel/HR department.  It is independent of the organisation and orientated by their faith.  However good workplace relations are, there are always things that people don’t want to share with their colleagues.  The chaplain is a trained, trustworthy confidant with the time and willingness to listen. This service is for all people whatever their beliefs and circumstances and is definitely not about promoting any particular faith.  Although we are not professionally trained counsellors, we can also recommend professional counselling support if needed.

For more information please contact:
The Revd Jo Tatum
Nottingham Workplace Chaplain
07525 641320 


Chaplaincy Team