Bishop’s Study Day

The Bishop’s Study Day held on 10th March 2016 at Trent Bridge, focused on the emerging vision of growing new disciples ‘wider, younger and deeper’.  

Joined by 180 clergy and stipendiary lay leaders, Bishop Paul began the day with teaching on the Acts of the Apostles, under the title of ‘Five surprises for a truly evangelistic Church.’  The Revd Dr David Goodhew, (Director of Ministerial Practice at Cranmer Hall) in his address explored further the different strands in a theology of growth, drawing on his study and writing on the subject.  In the afternoon session, Andy Wolfe (Vice Principal of Emmanuel School) and Andy Croft (Senior Pastor, Soul Survivor) reflected on growing younger disciples.

The presentations and handouts from the day can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Five Surprises for a truly evangelistic church – Mar 2016 – Bishop Paul Williams’ PowerPoint Presentation

Five Surprises for a truly evangelistic church  – Bishop Paul Williams’ Address

Study Day Handout – Bishop Paul Williams

Towards a Theology of Church Growth – The Revd Dr David Goodhew’s PowerPoint Presentation

Study Day Handout – The Revd Dr David Goodhew

Growing Younger: Developing Faith Journeys in Schools – Mr Andy Wolfe