Diocesan Conference

Growing Disciples – wider, younger, deeper

Challenging, inspiring and visionary…. just some of the reactions to this year’s Diocesan Conference which focused on Growing New Disciples – Wider, Younger, Deeper.  Excellent guest speakers shared insights into evangelism, discipleship, working with the poor and engaging with the under-40’s, during the three-day event.

Amy Orr-Ewing, Director of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, spoke about the unique opportunities of engaging with the under-30’s. In her second address she spoke on Evangelism Through Questions, a way to show love and to share faith.

Amy’s talks are provided with the kind permission of RZIM/OCCA www.rzim.eu www.theocca.org

Talk 1 – Engaging with the Under 40’s

Talk 2 – Evangelism through Questions

Questions for Amy

Bishop Ric Thorpe, whose role is to support the church growth strategy in London and the wider Church of England through church planting, talked about what churches and dioceses have been learning in establishing new worshipping communities.

Bishop Philip North spoke about the mission of the church on urban estates: “Jesus came to bring good news to the poor.  Look where he spent his time. Look whom he called to be his disciples and followers.  And that is why every single effective renewal movement in the history of the Church has started with the poor.”

Bishop Ric & Bishop Philip’s keynote addresses


To download Bishop Ric’s PowerPoint presentation click here

To download the transcript of Bishop Philip’s presentation click here

Bishop Mark Tanner delivered three inspirational messages on discipleship, under the heading “A long obedience in a constant direction,” exploring the adventure of faith in the lives of David, Mary and Paul.

“A long obedience: David” 1 Samuel 17.1-11, 16-37, 41-47

“A long obedience: Mary” Luke 1.26-45


“A long obedience: Paul” Philippians 3.7-17