The Burundi link group aims:
‘To build a companionship between the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham (S&N)and the Anglican Province of Burundi (B)for the mutual upbuilding and support of one another in the mission of God.’ A further aspiration is to facilitate links between Nottinghamshire and Burundi.’

Within this framework the Burundi Link group is working on certain aims, including:
1. To explore the possibility of deanery (S&N) to diocese (B) links:
E.g. To establish parish to parish links which connect each deanery (S&N) with each diocese (B).
E.g. To encourage educational links through school to school links, curriculum development.

2. To support diocesan/provincial mission initiatives.
E.g. in the areas of evangelism, church planting, education and health

3. To regularly share news to encourage prayer, understanding and support.
The designated Link officers here and in Burundi aim to facilitate communication through a variety of media e.g. Nifty Notes, diocesan website and facebook page.

4. To advocate for the best for the province (B), diocese (S&N) and nation especially in relation to seeking justice.
This includes collaboration with MPs and relevant agencies such as Christian Aid, CMS, Tearfund, Five Talents, Mothers Union, Friends of Burundi and Great Lakes Outreach.

In July 2012, Bishop Paul led a trip to Burundi accompanied by 10 people from churches across this diocese and visiting each of the six dioceses in the Anglican Province of Burundi (see map). Following on from this, there has been a growing interest in forging links with the Anglican Church in Burundi within our parishes and church schools. We look forward to seeing how the relationship unfolds as we join together in the transforming mission of God.

For more information about exploring a link with Burundi, contact:

The Reverend Lucy Cleland,
Burundi Link Officer,
Tel: 01636 812112

For more information about the Anglican Province of Burundi, click here:



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