Credit Unions

100 x 100 – Ethical Saving with impact!

What we do with our God given gifts including our money, matters! As the world of financial crisis deepens and impacts our lives, more and more people are taking out loans and often paying obsence interest rates. This ultimately makes their indebtedness and misery worse.

An initiative from the diocese, in partnership with local credit unions is aiming to make a difference and offer an ethical way of saving. ‘100 x 100’ has been launched to encourage us to save with credit unions, which offer a lifeline to people who cannot access loans from high street banks, but are in need of financial help.

The Revd David McCoulough, Director of Partnerships and Mission said “Our aim is for 100 people to save at least £100 and leave it in the credit union for at least 12 months. Why not sign up now?” We’d like Christians to consider saving ethically and the more we can save the more loans the credit unions can make at reasonable rates”.

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