Projects win grants to help refugees and asylum seekers

Four projects working with refugees and asylum seekers will receive grants from the Bishop’s Welcome Fund for Refugees.

The groups, which include a charity that houses destitute refugees and a church-based college which teaches English, will each receive from £350 to £500 to support their work.

The awards are especially timely as we are part way through Refugee Week (20-26th June), which in the UK takes the form of a programme of arts, cultural and educational events that celebrate the contribution of refugees and encourages a better understanding between communities.

The Welcome Fund was set up with the proceeds of this year’s Lent and Confirmation Appeal, which was inspired by the plight of people fleeing war and persecution from around the world, particularly in the Middle East and parts of Africa. The complex legal processes they face when they arrive in the UK can leave many destitute in our neighbourhoods.

Churches, charities and projects in the diocese have been offering hospitality and support for many years, providing legal help, safe housing, signposting, language skills, and food parcels. The fund is there to support this existing work and to help churches looking to start new projects.

When the Appeal was launched, Bishop Paul Williams said: “Compassionate action should be our natural response of joyful obedience as disciples of Christ.”