School of Discipleship: Real LIFE

Later this year the diocese is preparing to launch its School of Discipleship under the leadership of the Revd Dr David Emerton.  The School will exist ‘to grow disciples who grow disciples’, helping both to realize the wider diocesan vision for Growing Disciples wider, younger and deeper and to assist in releasing the local church to continue growing towards complete maturity in Christ.

To this end, and beginning in September 2018, the School of Discipleship will be offering a diocesan-wide discipleship course called Real LIFE, designed to envision, empower and equip God’s people in making the life-long journey of following-after Christ.

David says: “The summons to follow-after Jesus and into real life lies at the heart of what it is to be a disciple.  To respond to this summons and to make this journey is a life-long and exhilarating process possible only in and through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Discovering what this summons means and how this journey is marked is central therefore to the identity of both the School of Discipleship and the Real LIFE discipleship course.  If we are people who seek to live and move and have our being such that we are captivated and compelled by Jesus, and by Jesus alone, then the Real LIFE discipleship course is perhaps for us.”

To find out more about Real LIFE and what the course will entail, join David Emerton and Richard Kellett, Director of Discipleship & Ministry, at ‘A Discipled Life’ – an evening designed to give you a feel for what Real LIFE looks like, hosted in four locations across the diocese:

St Peter’s Ravenshead NG15 9FD | Monday 21 May 2018
St Nic’s Nottingham NG1 6AE | Wednesday 23 May 2018
Christ Church, Worksop S81 0XS | Tuesday 5 June 2018
St Leonards, Newark NG24 2DP | Thursday 14 June 2018

These taster evenings are open to all and will start at 7:30pm and finish by 9:30pm.  It would help our planning to know that you are intending to come to one of these evenings – please send an email to