East Bingham Deanery – Home

Welcome to the East Bingham Deanery Home page.

East Bingham Deanery is one of nine deaneries in the Southwell and Nottingham Diocese.  The Deanery consists of the two towns of Bingham and Cotgrave; the larger villages of Radcliffe on Trent and Keyworth; and a host of smaller villages, ranging from Flintham in the north to Willoughby-on-the-Wolds in the south.  There are 27 parishes in the East Bingham Deanery.

Parishes are usually grouped together into benefices, that is, they share a vicar and perhaps a broader ministry team consisting of assistant clergy and licensed lay ministers (readers, pastoral care assistants, youth workers etc). A list of the 11 benefices in the East Bingham Deanery is given on the Contact Us page.  The deanery relates  to the benefices, both through the ministry teams which support them and also directly to the parishes. Each parish elects representatives to the Deanery Synod, the body which governs the deanery.

If you are looking for a church near you in the East Bingham Deanery click here    (If a parish church doesn’t appear on the ‘A Church Near You’ website then please contact the Deanery Administrator with relevant details.)

The Area Dean is the Rev’d Stephen Hippisley-Cox – s.d.hippisley.cox@gmail.com;  Tel: 01509 889706

The Lay Chair is Stephen Gelsthorpe – Steve.gelsthorpe@icloud.com

The Deanery Administrator is: Judith Mills – Judith.mills@southwell.anglican.org