Annesley Church celebrates WW1 Centenary with exhibition and flower festival

All Saints Church, Annesley are holding a special themed WW1 Exhibition and flower festival, which opened on Friday 5th October and runs until Sunday the 11th November.

This comprehensive exhibition features local stories from WW1 together with poetry, plays and talks, workshops, games and crafts, culminating in a commemoration tea and the Remembrance Service on Sunday 11th with the laying of poppy wreaths. The flower festival will include knitted & silk poppies and there will be four ‘There But Not There’ Perspex soldiers in the congregation in memory of the lost.

The idea of the exhibition was church warden, Rosemary Shatliffe’s: “In 2014 we told the local peoples’ stories exhibition as part of the ‘Trench to Trench’ initiative by Notts County Council.

“This year being the anniversary of the end of WW1 we have extended the exhibition and have a flower festival of knitted & silk flowers.

“We are in the process of putting the stories into a book which will be sold and a donation from this will be given to the local British Legion. The soldiers are situated in the memorial corner on chairs sitting round a fire; in front of them is a transparent curtain decorated with falling poppies to give the effect of them being ‘there but not there.’”(See photo).

People from the local community have all played a part in the event, including: The Acacia centre – with a suffragettes’ story; Brownies showing children’s jobs during the war  (girl guides carried messages for MI5 ) ; Mothers Union and WI involvement in war ; Annesley school — Animals at war; Kirkby Woodhouse school– Miners work during the war ; All Saints – ‘There but not there’ Perspex soldiers, poppies in the porch, and 100 years since RAF was formed; Open Door – Munitions; Newstead youth club — poppies with soldiers names on their war memorial. All of the groups will be visiting during the five weeks as well as some other groups as well.

For more information about the exhibition and festival contact rosemary shatliff

(Photos by Graham Leaver)