Be frugal, help people in poverty

Congregations are being challenged to hold a special service followed by a ‘frugal lunch’ to mark Poverty Sunday on 21st June.

Poverty Sunday, an initiative by Church Urban Fund, encourages congregations to be more compassionate and Christ-like in the ways they think about, and care for, the most marginalised people in society.

Resources, which include sermon outlines, Powerpoint presentations, posters, videos and lesson plans for children, are available at,3DPNW,POE3Q,C3CXD,1

Poverty Sunday is also a fundraiser for CUF and various resources are offered to help with this. All the money raised goes to support local churches in their ministry, and CUF says that for every £1 it receives it turns it into £4.57 through other fund-raising work.

Locally, the Transforming Notts Together project was set up by the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham and CUF to tackle and alleviate poverty. TNT works with many churches and charities in Nottinghamshire trying to do something practical to tackle poverty.

One of the initiatives offered by TNT is free basic budgeting courses that churches and other organisations are using to help prevent people from getting into debt.

A spokesman said: “This course is a fun, friendly and informal space to start a conversation about how we spend and save. It provides some practical tools to help participants begin to improve their skills and confidence in managing money.

“We don’t ask people to talk about their own financial situation, rather we use videos and case examples to explore and share ideas.”

For more information, contact a TNT development worker: or