Bishop Paul speaks of confronting racism in a message shared with the diocese

In their ‘Start the Day’ message this morning Bishop Paul and Sarah reflect on the memorial service of George Floyd in Minneapolis and confronting systemic racism in our world, including in the church and our own lives.

Reflecting on some words in the Old Testament Book of Proverbs, Bishop Paul said, “In light of the racial injustice we have seen displayed in all its ugliness again in the death of George Floyd, it is worth considering how different our world would be if we hated what God hates.”

Bishop Paul added,
“Hate is not the same thing as contempt. We can hate something without holding someone in contempt. It says in Romans 12v9: ‘Love must be sincere, hate what is evil, cling to what is good.’ That includes hating what is systemic about racism, as well as horrendous personal acts of evil. This systemic racism sadly effects the church too and our own lives.”

In their video message, Sarah Williams said,
“These verses in Proverbs 6 name the attitudes and habits that we may think are not doing any harm but which can be so destructive – it’s a look, a gesture, a word that maligns – these things can be so subtle.”

“And we need to watch for these things in ourselves because it is easy to look at what’s happening in the US and the horrific way George Floyd died and think ‘I would never do that, so this problem is not about me’. Yet we need to search our own hearts and get on God’s side when it comes to standing against evil. To hate what he hates and love what he loves.”

To see the short video message click here

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More news to follow about local responses.

Friday 6th June 2020