Parish Resource Officers

Have you signed up as a ‘Parish Resource Officer’ yet?  This really will not be an onerous task – we promise! – but will help us to keep in touch and make your efforts even more effective.  All we ask is for you to:

Be a link person – receiving information about available resources and promoting their use to the PCC.

Check that chosen leaflets / posters are prominently displayed.

Help to keep generous giving on the PCC and Clergy’s agenda, for example, some kind of initiative once a year.

Ensure that givers are thanked annually.

Help in communicating positive messages about giving / legacies in the magazine or notice sheet.

A number of Parish Resource Officers already serve as their Church’s Treasurer or Planned Giving Secretary, but many others are drawn from other PCC or Church members. Please contact Tony in the Parish Support Department to find out more.

For notes on the three presentations given at the Training Days for Parishes about Fees, Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme, and Employment issues, click here