Legacy : A lasting gift to your church

Fresh Resources

Posters and leaflets to encourage people to consider Legacies are available, free of charge. The Diocese has agreed to fund the printing so that no church is held back from using them through lack of money.  You can also request a draft article for your Parish Magazine.

For further information about Legacies please contact Tony in the Parish Support Department.


An up-to-date national Church of England Legacy website offers essential information for people considering leaving a gift to a church in their will.  The website also provides information for solicitors and PCCs, and churches looking to increase legacy giving.

Legacies are a fundamental part of stewardship and Christian giving; leaving a gift in your will is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can give thanks to God for the gifts of your life.  They are a valuable source of income to churches, contributing £44.8 million to parish income in 2011 – that’s almost £3,000 per church, per year!

The website –  http://www.churchlegacy.org.uk/  – highlights legacies that have been used to expand a church’s youth ministry, refurbish a kitchen, set up a community support group, and preserve historic church bells.