Annual Parochial Church Meeting


The 2021 APCM meetings should take place as normal this year.  The Deadline for your APCM is the end of May.

The meeting can take place online, more information about this can be read by clicking here

You can find more information about APCMs here

A set of blank notices and forms are available from this website

Following your APCM, you should make a return to the Diocesan Office advising

You can make this return online or via paper and post.

Paper and post

You can download a paper form (click below) and return this to us a Jubilee House, Westgate, Southwell, Notts. NG25 0JH or scan and send it to

Paper APCM return


This year the PCC Secretary and the Churchwardens will receive an email with a link to an online form where all the current posts held in the diocesan database will be shown.  It will then be possible to take four actions to update the system:

No change – the same person is continuing in the role
End – with a vacancy
Succeed – with someone else who is already in the diocesan database (perhaps someone who has been in a role in your or another parish in the Diocese)
Succeed – with a new person

This process is really simple to follow and you can do over a period of time, you just need to follow the link in the email.  There is an online video below which talks you through how this works.  Fraser and the reception team are on hand to assist you.


This email will be sent out to all PCC Secretatires and Churchwardens towards shortly.  Any questions, please contact Fraser (

Frequently Asked Questions – This section will be updated at regular intervals.

  • Q. I can’t find a save button   A. everything is saved as your work through the online form, you can close the screen down at any time and return
  • Q. What if I make a mistake? A. Please do not worry, just get in touch by phone (01636 814331) or email
  • Q. The audit is showing Churchwardens and letting me change them, can I? A. Yes please feel free to update the Churchwarden details, these will be checked by the registry team following the visitation services.