Return of Parish Finance

This webpage is to provide information about the gathering of:-

  • Return of Parish Finance forms (online or paper return)
  • PCC Annual Reports and Financial Statements (Paper or scanned documents)


Return of Parish Finance Forms

This request is made by the Archbishops’ Council.

To reduce the environmental impact and postage costs, we are hoping that you can make your return via the online system.   If you already have a username and password from last year this will still work.  If you require a reminder or a new username password, please send a request to me by email or phone ( 01636 817244)

You can download the blank forms from here:

The deadline for this return is the 31st July 2020

PCC Annual Reports and Financial Statements

This request is made by the Finance Office.  It is a Statutory requirement (CRR/CAR) to file your Annual Report and Financial Statements within 28 days of your APCM meeting.

You can email scanned copies to or you can post paper copies to:

The Finance Department

Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham The Church of England across Nottinghamshire Jubilee House, Westgate Southwell Nottinghamshire NG25 0JH

The deadline for this submission is 15th June 2020.  No need to wait for your APCM

Thank you for your help and support in providing this information, if you require any help or support in accessing the website or returning forms, please feel free to contact me on the below details.  Any technical questions in relation to finance should be passed to the finance department