Spotlight on your Parish

The Research and Statistics team in London produce the Spotlight on your Parish report for each Parish.  

This short spotlight brings together a range of information about your parish,both in terms of your congregations, but also the wider community living in your area. It covers areas such as Christian affiliation, population age and ethnicity profiles, household structures, deprivation, employment, schools and qualifications, alongside church statistics such as attendance and giving. 


This spotlight is not an end in itself, but rather a starting place for you to explore further. You may want to discuss it at a PCC meeting or with leadership teams. We’ve included some questions on each page to help you to think about the information, however some things will be of more relevance in some areas than others, and these are just suggestions to get you started. We’ve also included some bigger questions about what to do next at the end of the spotlight on page 17. There’s space for you to write some notes here. It might be helpful to write a short paragraph to summarise your community profile or note down anything that has struck you as particularly important. There are also details at the end for where you can find further information should you want to dig a little deeper.

You can obtain your own copy by requesting a copy from your Deanery Administrator.  Click here for a contact sheet for each Deanery.