Citizens urge party leaders to act on care

Party leaders – waiting anxiously today for the results from the polls – were in the spotlight earlier this week when representatives of Nottingham Citizens travelled to London for the Citizens UK General Election Accountability Assembly at Methodist Central Hall.

Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and Sajid Javid, who was representing the absent David Cameron, faced 2,200 Citizens from across the country who wanted them to pledge to work with the movement on issues facing the country.

Each had four minutes to explain why people should vote for them before being questioned on their presentation.

There was a strong Church presence among the Notts contingent, including the Revd Anna Alls, assistant curate at Brinsley, who said the event had been impressive: “I really hope it will make a difference.

“I see more and more groups getting involved and community organising is growing. It is a way to get people interested in politics and their communities. It is about pooling our resources.”

She said Ed Miliband “recognised we have made a difference” and Nick Clegg “understood community working”.

The politicians were asked to support the Citizens manifesto, which is calling for:

Improvements to social care by ensuring that care workers are trained, have at least 30 minutes with clients, work with the same clients, and are paid the Living Wage

The Government to pay the Living Wage and offer incentives for other employers to follow suit

An end to indefinite detention for refugees

Affordable credit to be available through a community finance foundation.

Citizens UK is an alliance of Citizen groups in various areas of the UK, representing faith groups, universities, schools, trade unions and community groups.