Diocesan Board of Education

The Board of Education is a statutory body that interprets the Church’s mission to children and young people through education, develops strategies to carry out that mission, and ensures that, through its officers, these strategies are translated into action. The Board promotes understanding of the nature and importance of that mission in the diocese and more widely, and celebrates and champions it as an outworking of God’s love for his people.

There are 2 Bishop’s nominations to the Board, 12 elected members (6 clergy and 6 laity) elected from Synod (of whom 6 must be members of Synod) and another 6 co-opted members. The Board is serviced by the Director of Education (Secretary to the Board) and the Assistant Director (Schools) (Administrator to the Board). The Deputy Director (Schools) and Diocesan Schools Advisers are usually in attendance and other officers as required.

The work of the Board has statutory, pastoral and strategic aspects to it. Perhaps the biggest change the Board is facing is engaging with the government’s education reforms, particularly related to academies and taking on responsibility for the standards and performance of schools. This was highlighted in the Church School of the Future Review, a major exercise that took place during 2012 and which requires new ways of thinking and responding to issues in church schools (see link below). The Board seeks not only to fulfil its statutory duties, and monitor standards, but also to nurture and develop all involved in the life of its schools and parishes.

Current Membership of the Board of Education The membership of the Diocesan Board of Education runs as a triennium. The following members are elected until December 31st 2021.

2 Bishop’s Nominations: The Ven David Picken (Chair of the Board),  Revd Tim Pullen

12 Persons elected by the Diocesan Synod

6 Clergy:  Fr Matthew Askey,  Revd Elizabeth Murray,  Revd Tom Meyrick, Revd Mark Tanner,  Vacancy,  Vacancy

6 Laity:  Mr Ian Griffiths (Vice Chair),  Mr Michael Wilson, Mr Tony Darby, Prof Peter Harris, Ms Johanna Langheld, Mr Philip Tillman

Up to 6 Persons Co-opted by the Board : Mr Tony Walker, Miss Kerrie Clowes, Vacancy

Secretary to the Board : Vacancy Diocesan Director of Education

Administrator to the Board: Mrs Chrissie Goodridge-Ormston, Assistant to Diocesan Director of Education.

The statutory functions of the Diocesan Board of Education are set down in the DBE Measure.  A copy is available: Click here

DBE Vision Statement Click here

Southwell and Nottingham Educational Trust  The Ven David Picken,  Mr Nigel Spraggins, Mr Michael Arlington, Mr Ian Griffiths, Mr John Loughton,  Mrs Claire Meese, Mr Philip Tillman.

To access the Church School of the Future, published in 2012  click here

To access A Diocesan Board of Education for the Future, published in 2013 click here