Funding is often needed for youth activities and trips– a few hundred rather than a few thousand pounds. Why not find new ways to raise money with the young people. Fund raising can be a great activity in itself by developing the young people’s skills in:
leadership & team-building
group decision making
communication with the public (in creative ways as well as verbally)
setting budgets & monitoring expenditure

Raising money from the local community not only raises awareness of your organisation but it also gives a positive view of young people in their neighbourhood. You may find many people are sympathetic to your cause– how often have you heard people say they’d like to see more activities for young people!!

Here are a couple of ideas to get you thinking….
1.Why not contact your local supermarket and ask if your group can pack shoppers’ bags and have collecting buckets at the end of each till.
2.Sell your skills in an auction to the highest bidder– people will pay well for ironing & car washing (but remember you only get paid if you do a good job so some training may be required!!)

More info can be found in chapter 5 of The Youth Funding Guide published by the Directory of Social Change and available to borrow from the Diocesan Education Office.

Remember! When taking the young people out to fund raise all Child Protection guidelines must be followed just as on any other trip ensuring that there is insurance cover, consent forms for all the young people should an emergency occur and the appropriate number of DBS checked adults to supervise


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