Gifts of Hope from St Mary’s

Gifts of food kindly donated by members of St Mary’s Church Attenborough have been delivered to the food bank at Hope House in Beeston.

It all started when church member, Joy Dixon-Smith had the idea of ‘filling a bag for Hope’ for Lent.

She said to the congregation: ‘I’m not strong willed enough to give up chocolate for Lent but I will be filling up a bag for Hope Foodbank. Will you join me?’

“The response was amazing,” said Joy. “The church members took prepared shopping lists and instead of one or two bags were soon donating 10, 14 and then more than 20 bags a week. These were taken to Hope House where the volunteers began to prepare food parcels ready for the Easter holidays when families with school age children are in need of our support. The need will be even greater this year now schools have been closed for a longer period because of the corona virus pandemic.”

Director of Hope House, Nigel Adams, said: “We are really grateful for the support from St Mary’s. This time of year is often our busiest in normal circumstances, currently the need is rising rapidly. So the extra support has come just at the right time. St Mary’s has been a continuous supporter of Hope for several years and we are delighted with this extra bonus”

The Revd Jonathan Smithurst and his wife, Lalage, helped out along with Tony, a volunteer and Trustee for many years and Lynne, a long term volunteer who receives St Mary’s donations from Joy, and several others. Once the bags are received the volunteers pack food parcels according to need.

Photos show the volunteers unloading and delivering the bags and volunteers making up the parcels. By Brian Pickering

Please note: This took place before the Prime Minister’s latest directive on going out and social distancing.