Holy Week Reflections on the Resurrection of Hope

As we approach Holy week and Easter, we’d like to invite everyone to think about Hope in life and in death, and the Resurrection of Hope.  

While we’ve learnt to adapt to new ways of ministering throughout the past year, we’ve witnessed with real delight how people have found creative ways to live out their faith, worshipping and sharing their beliefs in new ways that for some, may have been hard to imagine a year ago. 

We’d like to help and encourage our churches to look for hopeful signs, to counter the challenges and frustrations, sadness, and feelings of powerless some people may have experienced in the past year, by sharing inspiring messages about the resurrection of Hope and Faith. 

So throughout Holy Week, we will be sharing a daily reflection on the Resurrection of Hope in the form of a short video. Please do join us at 10am each day on Facebook or YouTube.