Learning to live well together

Promoting better relationships through a clearer understanding of the sacred texts of different faiths was the focus of the Living Well Together conference in Southwell Minster on Tuesday 10th July.

Dean Nicola Sullivan welcomed students and staff to the Minster and spoke of the importance of learning from both the traditions of the past and the difficult questions of faith which often arise from areas of conflict experienced in every faith tradition.

Sixty students from six Church of England secondary schools gathered at the cathedral for a conference on the theme of Learning to Live Well Together. Students heard from a panel of speakers from the  Hindu, Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith traditions who helped them to understand how sacred texts can be mis-used to promote violence and hatred of people and how they should be interpreted in the light of their original context in a way that promotes better relationships with people of all faiths and no faith.

The workshop was jointly organised by the Education Department of Southwell and Nottingham Diocese, Southwell Minster and the St Philip’s Centre.

Bryony Hutchinson (Nottinghamshire Local Authority Education Improvement Adviser) said:

“I was so impressed with the questions which the students asked of the panel and the way they worked in their groups sharing their thoughts and ideas.”

Also commenting on the conference, Claire Meese (Diocesan Director of Education) stated: ‘It was a great event with some truly moving moments.’

Photo shows students displaying their plans for feedback to the rest of the students on their group discussions about the Christianity text. 

 See all photos at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v7r46ngir8b34qo/AABPZgbwxHWhDD1-NxMPbpFLa?dl=0