Living Well in Lent

In a short video, filmed amongst a wintery flurry of snowflakes, Bishop Paul shares some of his thoughts on taking a wellbeing journey through Lent. To hear Bishop Paul’s message, please click here.

This year he tells us, the diocese will be inviting clergy and congregations to draw upon new resources that are available so that we can all think about how we care for ourselves, so that we each might carry on with caring for others.
Bishop Paul says that it’s been, “an extraordinary twelve months for us, where none of us could have anticipated the impact it would have had on our lives.”

He warmly encourages each one of us to think about how we care for ourselves, as we continue to care for others, and draws our focus to our wellbeing during Lent, highlighting our Relational, Physical, Mental and Spiritual health.
He identifies a link between the gospel that we share, and how this is at the very heart of our wellbeing.