Any Christian

All Christians are called to be disciples of Christ. The original meaning of the word is simply ‘learner’ just as the twelve apostles were learners around the Rabbi (or teacher) Jesus.

Learning isn’t something we just do when we are at school or even at Sunday School and then stop. These days in a rapidly changing world we need to be lifelong learners and this is just as true of Christians. We never ‘arrive’ in our knowledge of God and his ways and our diocese focuses clearly on the need to be constantly growing disciples.

Most parish churches will have programmes of learning and growing as disciples either run occasionally (e.g. during Lent) or regularly throughout the year. If yours doesn’t you could ask your leaders why not!

We are blessed in this country with many resources for Christian learning and if there is a subject you would like to think more about you may be able to find a group or a resource to help you. Of course not all that is available, especially on the internet may be that fruitful for you, but with a discerning mind you can usually find some good material. If you would like any advice on a particular topic don’t hesitate to get in touch with Revd Dr David Emerton (Principal of the School of Discipleship).

Some events in our annual training programme are open to anyone so do consult the training page for these.

Key Contact: The Revd Dr David Emerton
Tel: 01636 817240