Across our diocese there are specialist chaplains appointed to serve hospital trusts. Most of these chaplains are ordained, though from a range of denominations. They are ably supported by volunteers from local churches. Increasingly, to reflect the multicultural nature of our nation, spiritual and pastoral care is being provided by representatives of local faith communities. You will also find chaplains linked to many hospices.

Numerically, most hospital chaplains in this country are ministers in the Church of England. There are three major NHS trusts in the area covered by the dioceses and each has a team of paid chaplains who work with volunteers. These chaplains are NHS employees and are responsible for patients and staff in their care. Although the role of chaplains varies widely in different settings, it is usual to find that chaplains also are involved in teaching in appropriate areas of multi-disciplinary work.

If you are a patient in hospital we encourage you to ask for a visit from one of the chaplains. They will inform you of times of worship, can listen to cares and concerns and will arrange to bring Holy Communion if you are unable to leave your bed. Please also remember to pray for these pioneer ministers who are often doing hidden, though hugely valuable work in the life of the church. Nationally the Bishop responsible for Healthcare issues is the Bishop of Carlisle and in this diocese it is the responsibility of the Archdeacon of Newark.


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