Chaplaincy Prayer

Prayer For Nottingham Workplaces

.. Pray to the Lord because if (the city) prospers, you too will prosper.” Says the prophet Jerehiah 29:7

Lord Thank you for your abundant provision of work in Nottingham, in financial and legal services, retail and hospitality, media & entertainment and many other ways.

Creator God help us to make space for new ideas and reveal to us openings and areas for expansion and development & new jobs.

Jesus show us how to make our workplaces good places, where people feel secure, where work is well rewarded and both employer and employee can contribute all their skills and gifts.

Holy Spirit inspire us to make good practice the cornerstone of everything we do, so our reputation becomes that of honesty and integrity.

Lord bless the economy of Nottingham so that business & commerce grow and flourish, and there is opportunity and provision for all.


Chaplaincy Team