Bishop’s Study Day

Gospell//Diversity//Mission – 3rd March 2021

The Bishop’s Study Day was concerned with diversity, gospel and our mission, as we looked at the attitudes of the church and of our own hearts towards those different to ourselves. Following the example of Jesus we want to work towards a diocese which not only has a welcome and for anyone who comes, but is also enriched by everyone’s unique backgrounds and experiences. Diversity was God’s plan from the start, that His gospel would be preached to every nation, and to everyone in each nation, it is a gospel that reaches to the ends of the earth.

We welcomed two incredible guest speakers. Firstly Rev Dr Sharon Prentis, Intercultural Mission Enabler & Dean of Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Affairs for the diocese of Birmingham and lecturer at the University of Birmingham, who spoke to us on the theology of diversity.

Secondly we welcomed Ben Lindsay  Founder & CEO of Power the Fight and author of the challenging and powerful book ‘We need to talk about Race’, who  encouraged us to do just that. To talk, engage, ask the difficult questions, and help us to understand ourselves and others better.

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Resources from the Day

Dr Sharon Prentis – PowerPoint Presentation

Ben Lindsay – PowerPoint Presentation


Opening Worship

Closing Worship

Further Resources

Resources Recommended by the Diocesan BAME Advisory Group

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This is a four session series seeking to grow understanding of the black experience in white majority churches

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