Clergy development

Ministerial Development Reviews (MDR)

Paperwork relating to your 2021 Ministry Development Review (MDR) is available by clicking here where you will find a full explanation of the MDR process.  If you know of a format from another diocese that you think is more appropriate to you and your context, please contact Rev’d Sarah Patten, Principal for Wellbeing & Ministerial Development (  It is our hope that, whatever structure you use, the MDR will be a spiritual tool to aid your personal, discipleship, and vocational development.

MDR: The Ministerial development review is a great tool to help clergy reflect on how their ministry is going in the light of the vision of the diocese and also to look forward to planning outcomes for future development. Our vision is to spread the good news and to Grow Disciples – Wider, Younger and Deeper.  To do this well we need to both affirm those in leadership roles (you are God’s beloved in whom he is well pleased) and recognise that we are each accountable to God and to each other.  The purpose of MDR is to enable ministers better to fulfil their leadership role in their context and the wider Church by setting realistic intentions for their wellbeing, work, and ongoing vocational development.

The MDR is essentially a guided conversation  between a trained reviewer and a member of the clergy, considering their work and opportunities, their relationships with the wider church and world and  to consider appropriate levels of support and challenge. The effectiveness of the review relies on the clergy person engaging fully into the process and in the skill of the reviewer in drawing out outcomes and challenges to be addressed. Support for outcomes can be accessed through the Discipleship and Ministry team.

If you have any questions relating to the Ministry Development Review, please contact Rev’d Sarah Patten ( or by phone 07827 291724.

Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD)

The purpose of CMD is to equip & develop the Church’s ministers for the sake of the mission and ministry of the whole church. Ministry is of and for all of God’s people and so CMD is not an end in itself, but has the purpose of equipping the whole church for its missionary task. The “Church’s ministers” in this purpose is all ordained ministers, readers, religious, Church Army Evangelists and recognised lay ministers with the Diocesan Certificate in Lay Ministry.

Courses  can be booked by contacting Catriona either by telephone 01636 817232 or via e-mail

Clergy Study Leave

We currently have two schemes running for clergy:

  • A 3 month sabbatical following 10 years of service
  • A 1 month sabbatical following 3 years of service

Funding is available from the diocese £250 per month taken, to assist you taking the leave.

Click here to download the Study Leave/Sabbatical Application Form

Click here for information about retreats

Application for CMD Funding for Clergy
Click here to download an application form