Courageous Community Engagement 

A key aspect of our mission is to be active in seeking justice God’s way by engaging with the complex contexts and challenges of the people of our Diocese.

We aim to:
• help raise awareness in the Diocese of the social and ethical challenges that face us as Christians today
• encourage and support reflection and action in response to these challenges
• witness to the Gospel courageously in our public life and in our communities
• work with others humbly in partnership to tackle poverty and isolation at home and abroad

We reflect on social, political and economic issues from a biblical perspective, and work in partnership with others to build a more just, peaceful and inclusive society.
We alert people in the Diocese to needs and opportunities to tackle injustice, deprivation and despair in contemporary society, and help parishes to develop an active Christian witness in response to their own local context.
We work with colleagues from all departments and with other Christian denominations and churches.
We have a special responsibility to liaise with and work in partnership with faith-based and non-faith based agencies
We also work with other faith communities and with inter-faith organisations.

Partnerships & Mission Annual Report 2020

Over the past year, the Partnerships and Mission teams in and across the diocese have adapted to the changed world, responded swiftly to the needs of vulnerable people and communities, and proclaimed afresh the gospel, by word and deed, in this current generation.

To find out more about the work of the Partnership and Mission team, please take a look at the Partnerships & Mission Annual Report 2020.

A guide for partnership working at parish/local level

As churches increasingly respond to the needs and challenges of poverty, isolation and marginalisation in our society, it is an important part of our Christian witness to work responsibly, respectfully and relevantly in relation not only to those whose lives we pray will be transformed, but also with partners and others of goodwill who are active around us and with us. Click here to download our brief guide which will hopefully help churches to be more effective in their mission.

We also encourage parishes to engage with broad-based community organising and in particular with Nottingham Citizens and Transforming Notts Together.

Social Action Statistics by Deanery 2021 (the most up to date details are from 2019)

Bassetlaw & Bawtry

East Bingham



Newark & Southwell


Nottingham North

Nottingham South

West Bingham

Parish Indices of Deprivation

Parish Indices of Deprivation

Key Contact: The Revd David McCoulough: Director Partnerships & Mission
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