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The diocesan worldwide links provide a powerful platform to be part of God’s transforming mission towards establishing partnerships with our brothers and sisters around the world. Whilst actively working to tackle the root causes of poverty and engaging parishes and communities in the work of the church as it seeks justice.
The Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham is committed to developing companion relationships with Christians around the world. Such companion links offer opportunities to become companions in mission as we learn from each other as to how we can become more effective in enabling God’s work in His world. This is part of the diocesan commitment to world mission.
Formal diocesan links have been established with the Diocese of Natal – South Africa, Province of Burundi and the Diocese of Jerusalem – Holy Lands.
Across all three diocesan partnerships, recognition has been given to the diocesan mission statement and the strands that unite the links through “living worship, growing disciples and seeking justice’. Each strand relates to supporting each link in reciprocal:

• Prayer for one another.
• Fellowship and sharing in friendship.
• Mutual learning and support of one another’s lives and experiences.
• Communication and the facilitation of mutual visits, whilst celebrating unity and diversity.
• Challenge and confront the injustices in the world and so seek to bring about justice and fairness for all the worlds people.

All of the above is with the aim to achieve good, equitable and sustainable diocesan links.

In addition the diocese works alongside the expertise of development agencies (currently Christian Aid) and church mission agencies who offer a more robust, friendly, constructive critical eye from outside the diocesan organisation. It also provides a sensitive and more informed approach towards advocacy, development and aid within world partnerships.
Recognition is also given to the many individual churches who have established links over many years through personal contact or travel. Or have supported various national missionary agencies and aid organisations.


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“Partnership in Mission is at the heart of relationships within both the Anglican Communion and the Wider Church”