Holy Land

Diocesan and cathedral partnerships in the Holy Lands
Building on past relationships

The developing partnerships between Southwell Minster and Arab Christians in the Holy Lands of Israel, Palestine and Jordan stretch back over 15 years matured by personal contacts, visits and pilgrimages. Following the second visit of Arab Christians led by the Dean of Jerusalem in 2011a new diocesan partnership group was formed to establish links in the Holy Lands in addition to those of the long established Southwell Minster group. The two groups are working in close collaboration with each other.
Both groups aim to establish partnerships based on mutuality, giving and receiving where the value and worth of the other is recognised and nurture existing relationships, widening the circle of love and support by opening up the connections to others. Support for Arab Christians in sustaining their hope and vocation of a belief in maintaining their presence in the Holy Lands and their ministry of peace and reconciliation is central to the partnerships.
On-going activity includes the setting up and training of a new cathedral choir for St. George’s Cathedral in Jerusalem, young adults helping with summer camps for Arab children in Nazareth, a planned Retford parish visit to a parish in the Galilee, primary pupils visit from Jordan to Lowes Wong and Woodborough schools all in 2013, exchange visits planned between a Mansfield secondary school and an International school in Jerusalem in March and May 2014 and a cross-cultural placement for ten curates in Palestinian parishes in February 2014. Other school, parish and health related partnerships are being brokered for the future including liaison with Christian Aid.on potential project work in the Holy Lands.

The Revd Canon Tim Pullen
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Holy Lands Link Group Officer
David Lane
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