General Synod

The General Synod comprises the Convocations of Canterbury and York, joined together in a House of Bishops and a House of Clergy, to which is added a House of Laity. It meets in February in London and in July in York, and occasionally in November in London.

The General Synod considers and approves legislation affecting the whole of the Church of England, formulates new forms of worship, debates matters of national and international importance, and approves the annual budget for the work of the Church at national level.

Report on business done at General Synod February 2018

Nick Harding’s diary from General Synod February 2018

General Synod July 2017

General Synod July 2016

Nick Harding’s general-synod-diary-july16

Nick Harding’s diary from General Synod February 2016

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General Synod July 2015

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Diocesan Synod 

The Diocesan Synod considers matters sent to it from General Synod, deanery synods, PCCs and from individual Diocesan Synod members. It formulates diocesan policy on a wide range of issues, advises the bishop as appropriate, and votes on the funding of stipends, central administration costs, and contributions to the National Church, to be raised from the deaneries. Its role is primarily advisory and consultative. In some ways it is comparable with the House of Commons, as elected representatives engage in public debate. Diocesan Synod members are Members of the Diocesan Board of Finance.

2019 dates for Diocesan Synod: April 27th, July 10th and Oct 12.

Diocesan Synod September 2015: Bishop’s address

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Diocesan Synod April 2015

Diocesan Synod November 2014

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Bishop Paul’s Presidential Address

2015 dates

Saturday 18 April

Saturday 17th October

2014 Dates

Saturday 5 April 2014 (including AGM)

Wednesday 9 July 2014 (evening)

Saturday 8 November 2014