Presence and Engagement, an Anglican phrase, is about Christians witnessing to their faith and relating to and working with people of different faiths. In Nottingham/shire there are significant numbers of people of different faiths, and so Presence and Engagement is of particular importance to us. LINK Presence and engagement website
We are committed to being present amongst and actively engaged with people of other faiths, and we want to see:
•Increasing confidence in Christians to be Christ’s witnesses among neighbours of different faiths.
•More cohesive local communities where people of different faiths meet and work together to deal with the challenges we all face (such as crime and safety) and the needs we share (eg, caring for families and especially children and older people).
There are a number of ways that we seek to engage with Presence and Engagement
•Diocesan Interfaith Strategy
•Faiths Engagement Group – this is an informal gathering of those ministering in diverse faith contexts including parish priests, schools, Higher Education, partnership working with public and voluntary sector. For more information contact Catriona Gundlach Email: 01636 817232
•Faith Leaders Meetings – Bishop Paul facilitates occasional meetings with leaders from different faith traditions aiming to engage together in the public square and work for the common good
•Interfaith Advice – in this diocese we have a partnership relationship with St Phillips Centre in Leicester who will provide advice to parishes on interfaith matters.
•At a more local level we work in partnership with the Nottingham Interfaith Council and support National Interfaith Week in November.

Contact: The Revd David McCoulough
01636 817987




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