Bishop’s Community Fund for Addressing Loneliness

We all know someone who is lonely, and many of us will have felt that same way ourselves at some point in our lives.

Loneliness has been described as the most prevalent social issue  of our times and it can affect everyone, young and old.  We often think of the older person who might pass days or weeks without seeing anyone, particularly following the loss of a life-long partner but loneliness can also impact deeply on, for example, a teenager who has many ‘friends’ on social media but no contact with them in real life.

Loneliness is detrimental for both mental and physical health.  Research undertaken by Age UK concluded that about a million older people in our country are profoundly alone, with around half spending every day of the week on their own.

Churches across the diocese, in our towns, cities and remote rural areas, are already helping people affected by loneliness, and this year’s Lent Appeal – The Bishop’s Community Fund for Addressing Loneliness – will raise money to support that work and to encourage new projects.

Churches will be able to apply for grants up to £250 to help with projects large and small that reach out to the lonely.  Events such as coffee mornings, luncheon clubs, groups for the elderly, youth clubs, drop-ins, days out, home visits and many more.  Funds might also help to procure equipment for catering and entertaining.

“My prayer is that that this fund will be a catalyst for any church, in any context, to build on their ministry of welcome” Bishop Paul

To download an application form to apply to the fund click here